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Silane Coupling Agent - “MESIL”
MESIL is a special chemical produced by Henan Minmetals . The material treated with the coupling agent will form a water-resistant bond at the interface of inorganic and organic materials, which can not only enhance the bond strength, but more importantly, prevent the bond dissociation on the interface of the composite material during aging and use.It gives the ability to combine stably between two different and difficult-to-combine surfaces.
In composite materials, choosing the right silane can greatly improve the bending strength (tensile strength and modulus) of the composite material, while enhancing the material's resistance to humidity and other harsh environmental conditions.It can be used in a wide range of other applications.
Other advantages it can provide include:
■ Better wetting properties of resin
■ Moisture-resistant and water-removing agent
■ Building waterproof
■ Better dispersion of mineral fillers
■ Reinforced plastic is clearer and more transparent

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